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People love getting email, don't they. It's a thrill like no other.

It has been suggested —and rightfully so— that we should make more of an effort with our marketing. Surely you've noticed the barrage of emails that the big brands and proper grown-up companies punt at your inbox week after week, without fail? Well, we've literally never done that. However, with this latest incarnation of our website, we're toying with the idea of giving it a bash.

Except of course, our newsletters will be infinitely better than the usual guff you tend to receive. They will be brimming with hot new product announcements, bejeweled with sparkly, rainbow-coloured nuggets of inspiration, and garnished with slick, wittily-written prose. You will want to print them out and read them aloud, to the slack-jawed enthralment of your entire family.

But are you ready to be blessed with correspondence of such exquisiteness? Probably not, to be fair. Oh well. That's okay. We're probably not ready to start sending it either. For now then, chuck us your email address for a cheeky discount code and, in all likelihood, we'll say no more about it, OK?