Opening its door in 2013, THE QUARTER MASTERS aimed to provide a different kind of clothing store. One that could provide a viable alternative to the corporate giants whose brands dominate the British high street. One that could create a platform for budding artists, and the means for regular folk to support them.

Our collection features stunning artwork from a stable of world class artists. Each print you order buys them a reasonably priced cup of coffee, or whatever they decide to spend their commission on. Each follow, like, comment, and share gently encourages them to keep on being the creative geniuses that they are.

We are super passionate about garment quality and longevity. Fast fashion is not the one. All the garments we use are sourced from the most ethically responsible suppliers we can find. Everything we put out is vigorously tested, worn, washed, and scrutinised. We don't put our logo on anything unless we're proud of it.

Unlike big chain stores, we are not afraid to wear our moral or political opinions on our chests. We believe in calling out bullshit when we see it. We believe in human equality and individual sovereignty. We are proud to be a David in a sea of Goliaths.

We believe that there are already enough meaningless products being pumped into the world, worn once or twice, and then tossed into a landfill. We only want to create stuff that you'll treasure. If it's not beautiful, meaningful, or functional, it's not for us.

All of our clothing is produced in small batches, or individually made to order, and we still hand-print the majority of our products right here on the premises of our flagship store in Folkestone. If you promise to look after it, something from us should last you many years.

In military terminology, a quartermaster is the officer that issues clothing, rations, and quarters to the rest of the troops.

In this media-dominated battlefield of noise, advertising, and disinformation, it can be truly said that a war is being fought for our hearts, minds, and souls. These are weird times, and we are all soldiers. So let's dress appropriately out there, shall we?